IF … ©

If you nest in your belly

all the seas of the Universe

throbbing in an unknown direction

in the open sea

where the giants never dance …

If you love in your belly

all the lives that rebuild

a refuge harbor of anxiety

unknown until now

in the squalid shadow

where blood bees will never grow

Leaving stars …

If in that space

that springs from distant cities

and it gets lost in furrows

wet with glories and penalties …

if you raise your arms full of hugs

kissing the air



full of verses

ground tongue

rock lips …

If the hands of the Goddess Mansu are paralyzed

under the belly of sweet mangroves like flake honey

then you will live tied to the boat of the gannets

flying over your belly in mimes

who coo their nests …

José Félix Sáenz-Marrero Fernández

8/21/2018 (traveling blue …)